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Questions & Answers

All the Submitted Questions are listed here in reverse chronological order. If you want to search for a particular topic please use your browser's "Find on this page" (or similar) facility of your browser (in the "Edit" menu).

Clicking on the Question will take you to the Answer.

  • How can I use the arrow keys to move the cursor in the SpinBox text fields?
  • 25-Jan-05 12:30 GMT
    By overriding the translations and accelerators for the widgets.   More ...
  • How can I find the x & y of the mouse inside a Motif XmDrawingArea widget?
  • 25-Jan-05 12:30 GMT
    By using an event handler.   More ...
  • How can I restrict the length of a text field entry?
  • 20-Jan-04 12:30 GMT
    By using the ModifyVerify callback of the XmTextField widget.   More ...
  • Why do the Up and Down arrows work 'wrongly' with XmSpinBox?
  • 01-Dec-03 14:00 GMT
    This is a rather obscure problem specific to the Solaris CDE Motif release.   More ...
  • How do I create a splash screen with no window manager borders?
  • 01-Jul-03 08:00 GMT
    This can be achieved using two different approaches.   More ...
  • How do I handle errors emanating from the Motif, X Toolkit, and X libraries?
  • 30-Oct-02 18:00 GMT
    Use some or all of this code.   More ...
  • How can I make a List widget containing toggle buttons as well as text?
  • 08-Aug-02 10:00 GMT
    Use XRT/table (in List mode) instead.   More ...
  • How can a pixmap have a transparent background?
  • 24-Jul-02 16:00 GMT
    Correctly format it and write some code.   More ...
  • How can I configure my XmToggleButton to resemble a PushButton widget?
  • 11-Jul-02 09:00 GMT
    By setting appropriate resources.   More ...
  • How do I obtain the dimensions of the display?
  • 27-May-02 10:00 GMT
    With two Xlib macros.   More ...
  • How do I pop down all currently displayed dialogs?
  • 20-May-02 10:00 GMT
    With a little low level coding.   More ...
  • Why does a MainWindow display the command area poorly in some Motif 2.1 environments?
  • 09-Apr-02 15:35 GMT
    Different geometry management in Motif 1 and 2.   More ...
  • I am having trouble with OpenMotif Motif 2.2 on Solaris and Linux - can you help?
  • 08-Mar-02 14:00 GMT
    You are not alone. OpenMotif 2.2 is not product quality.   More ...
  • Why do popup menus not work, running on Solaris, displaying on Linux?
  • 29-Jan-02 18:00 GMT
    The problem is related to the XmNwhichButton resource.   More ...
  • Are the Motif Programming & Reference Books online?
  • 10-Jan-02 16:00 GMT
    They are now.   More ...
  • Why does pressing a toggle button that is already selected cause the callback to be called twice?
  • 4-Jan-02 14:00 GMT
    This is correct behavior.   More ...
  • How do I force a window to the front of a stack?
  • 19-Dec-01 17:00 GMT
    How do I force one of my windows to the front of a stack of windows on the desktop?   Answer ...
  • How do I make my XmApplicationShell disappear?
  • 11-Dec-01 15:00 GMT
    How do I make my XmApplicationShell disappear? XtPopdown appears to have no effect.   Answer ...
  • How can I display the system time in a Text widget?
  • 8-Oct-01 16:00 GMT
    We have to display system time on a TextField widget. How can I solve this problem?   Answer ...
  • How can I make Accelerators defined in one dialog work in others?
  • 7-Aug-01 16:00 GMT
    How can I transfer controls from one window to another, such that the short cut keys defined for the functionality in the toplevel shell should work on the child windows.   Answer ...
  • How do you use the XmComboBox widget?
  • 10-May-01 16:00 GMT
    A ComboBox combines direct Textual user input with the convenience of List selection.   More ...
  • How do you use the SpinBox and SimpleSpinBox widgets?
  • 21-Mar-01 16:00 GMT
    A SpinBox is a component which allows the user to cycle through a set of choices.   More ...
  • How do you draw clipped text?
  • 28-Feb-01 14:00 GMT
    To clip off the top few pixels of each character.   Answer ...
  • How can I change the colors in a TextField as characters are typed?
  • 07-Feb-01 12:00 GMT
    Both foreground and background colors.   Answer ...
  • How are missing fonts handled when rendering Compound Strings?
  • 01-Feb-01 16:00 GMT
    And are there differences between Motif 1.2 and Motif 2.1?   Answer ...
  • How do I change the cursor from an arrow to a watch?
  • 05-Jan-01 10:00 GMT
    There are a number of ways to create and display cursors. In essence, a cursor is simply an X image which follows the pointer.   More ...
  • How can I make context-sensitive dynamic menu popups in a drawing area?
  • 21-Dec-00 10:00 GMT
    How can I make dynamic menu popups with different options depending on the position where I press button over the same drawing area? How do I destroy the popup afterwards?   Answer ...
  • How do I disable Min, Max and Close from my application's Window?
  • 19-Dec-00 14:00 GMT
    I want to disable the Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons from my applications Window. How can I do that?   Answer ...
  • How can I coordinate events between two processes?
  • 11-Dec-00 16:00 GMT
    I have motif widgets contained in different processes. I would like to be able to receive callbacks from push button widgets in one process, based upon where the keyboard focus is, in the other process. How can I do this?   Continued ...   Answer ... (updated 20-Dec-00)
  • How can I make any dialog fullscreen?
  • 8-Dec-00 12:00 GMT
    Full Question: How can I make any dialog fullscreen, without any window manager decorations and on top of all other applications?   Answer ...
  • How can I make a drawing area occupy the full screen size?
  • 8-Dec-00 09:00 GMT
    Full Question: How can I make a drawing area occupy the full screen size? my application contains menubars, other widgets etc. but sometimes users don't want those and want to use the full monitor area for viewing.   Answer ...
  • What is the relationship between CDE and Motif?
  • 6-Dec-00 17:00 GMT
    CDE should be viewed as an enhancement to the original Motif specification. It addresses the limitations of the original design.   More ...
  • What are Render Tables and how are they used?
  • 4-Dec-00 16:00 GMT
    They are Motif 2's specification of style for compound strings. More ...
  • Who is Antony and what can/will he answer?
  • 4-Dec-00 12:00 GMT
    Anything on X and Motif. More ...


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