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How do I force one of my windows to the front of a stack of windows on the desktop?

19-Dec-01 17:00 GMT
Sadly there is no longer a solution to this problem. All raise requests are re-routed via the window manager, and unless you make the window override-redirect, you are completely at the mercy of the window manager's stacking policy.

Older Motif-compliant window managers (such as mwm) would allow you to do this. Newer Linux-based window managers, and later CDE derivatives, do not.

Interestingly, SGI implemented a back-door method whereby the server would maintain a list of reserved windows which would guarantee to be on top, but the API is not public, and nobody else implements anything similar as far as we are aware.

You can play round with a few things like specifying in CDE that a dialog window must remain on top of other application top levels, but that is all. Basically X supports this capability, but most CDE and Linux based window managers do not honor the applications request to raise the window.

If you would like to find out if you are lucky you can try XRaiseWindow but if it doesn't work, don't be surprised:


    XRaiseWindow(display, w)
       Display *display;
       Window w;
Specifies the connection to the X server.
Specifies the window.
For example:
    XRaiseWindow (XtDisplay(MyDialogShell), XtWindow (MyDialogShell));

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