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Non-Commercial Applications and Shareware

Many of the links in this section are tar.Z or tar.gz files. Feel free to submit URLs of your favorite applications (non-commercial). Please include a brief description and indicate whether you are the developer of the tool.

Be sure to check out: FAQ (very cool X applications page) as well.

This page contains a list of 138 different applications, so it is rather long.

  • Alliance - A free VLSI CAD system
  • Amaya - W3C's Editor/Browser
  • ansi xterm - ANSI Xterm with Motif Scrollbar  
  • ASHE (A Simple HTML Editor) [aka "xhtml"] - Download the source.
  • ASWedit - HTML and text editor for X Window System and Motif
  • AxYFTP (formerly Wxftp) - Motif GUI FTP client
  • BRL/CAD 4.4 - US Army Ballistic Research Lab's 3D CAD/CAM
  • bxfm - Bryan's X/Motif File Manager
  • CDE Panel - Free CDE Front Panel emulator
  • CorporateTime for Motif - Time management software
  • Deep Blau chess game - (GNU chess and xboard) embedded in your web browser using the X11R6.3 display (server) and the X11R6.3 Netscape Navigator plug-in.
  • DDD - graphical front-end for command-line debuggers such as GDB, DBX, WDB, Ladebug etc
  • dert - Data Entry and Reporting Tool, this is a tool similar to DBase, MS Access, and others.
  • Dinotrace - X11 waveform viewer
  • FVWM Homepage - provides virtual desktop support, a built in pager, SHAPED windows and icons, the capability to use color icons with XPM support, and a module interface that is easy to modify and add functionality.
  • GeomView - Geometry Manipulation
  • gloe - Simple Motif/X based text editor
  • GNU Electric - Sophisticated electrical CAD system
  • GNU oleo - Spreadsheet application
  • GNU/Talk - GNU/Talk is a complete talk system which is a plug-in replacement of existing talk systems
  • grabc - Grab a color from screen
  • Grace - A WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool (a descendent of ACE/gr and Xmgr)
  • GRASP - Graphical Representations of Algorithms, Structures, and Processes
  • ImageMagick - X11 Image Processing and Display Package; lots of features; supports over 68 image formats
  • iMaze - Multi-player, real time, 3D, labyrinth, run & shoot game
  • Ipe - An extendible drawing editor
  • Ishmail - Multi-media Internet Mail for Unix Systems
  • Jetedit - A simple Motif Editor
  • jsplot - Free interactive drawing and charting tool
  • Koalatalk reference manual
  • Laddr - Lesstif address book
  • Launcher - Easy to use Motif Toolbar to launch applications
  • LiteClue Widget - free bubble help/tips/ballon help widget from Computer Generation
  • LLNL XDIR - An Advanced Graphical FTP Client
  • LLNL XFTP - An X Window FTP Client
  • Maxwell - Word Processor
  • Mcalc-1.1 - Motif 2.0 calculator
  • mcmap - Displays X colormap (see also mxcmap)
  • mdgclock - Digital clock in Motif
  • MFM - Motif File Manager
  • Mfsm - Motif utility that monitors free space and user filesystem quotas
  • mgdiff - GUI based file diff utility
  • MGv - A Motif PostScript Viewer
  • minfo - GNU-Info reader
  • miv - Motif Image Viewer
  • ML - A mail program for X and IMAP
  • mMosaic - Enhanced version of NCSA Mosaic Browser
  • MOLMOL - MOLecule analysis and MOLecule display
  • Motif Desktop Calculator - Programmable scientific desktop calculator, able to work in decimal, hex, octal and binary. Bitwise logical functions implemented
  • Motif Guide - Graphical User Interface Design Entity
  • Motif Rolodex - a set of card file database programs designed to be simple yet robust. Born out of frustration with xrolo's and xrolodex's many menus
  • Moxfm - file and application manager with drag and drop. Download here.
  • Mozilla - Open-source web browser
  • mp - PostScript Pretty Printer
  • mppp - A PPP dialer for Linux
  • mtink - A status monitor for Epson inkjet printers
  • mxascii - X/Motif program to display ASCII character set (0-127)
  • mxcmap - Display X default colormap inside RGB cube (see also mcmap)
  • mxconsole - A console for X Window System
  • MxFTP - An FTP client for UNIX
  • mxkill - X/Motif interface to ps
  • MxMAIL - Mail interface for UNIX
  • mxshowfont - displays all known fonts to your Xserver
  • MXTerm - A Motif enhanced xterm
  • NEdit - high quality Motif plain text editor (with MS Windows and Mac-like interface style) from Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
  • Newmarch: X/Motif Software by Jan Newmarch (original Motif FAQ maintainer) - tclMotif, Extending CCI with user interface controls, embedding of Xt applications, replayXt, XScript, tclXtSend, MPEG widget, xmfm
  • NGraph - Scientific Graph Drawing Application
  • NMG Editor - Motif text editor
  • Papyrus - X/Motif word processor
  • PCMODEL - Molecular modeling program
  • plan - Calendar and Day Planner
  • popinfo - File browser or editor
  • Privtool - A Motif based, PGP aware Mail User Agent
  • qmol - Lightweight molecular viewer for X Windows
  • qtip - Balloon help in Motif application
  • Rizzle - A little daemon which allows you to roll-up of windows by clicking title bar - also includes includes sloppy focus facility
  • ROOT - CERN's Object Oriented Data Analysis Framework
  • SciText - UNIX word processor that handles scientific tools such as gnuplot, maple and mupad
  • SM/Editor - Text editor
  • SmIRC - an X11R6/Motif 2.0 IRC client
  • spock - Molecular graphics program
  • TCM - Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling
  • Ted - An easy rich text processor
  • Thot - Structured text editor
  • Tgif - interactive 2-D drawing tool, a hyper-structured-graphics (or hyper-graphics) editor/browser
  • TINS - tool for rapid developing of user-friendly installations
  • TkGoodStuff - alarm clock, biff, modem dialer/network indicator, note-taker, web-browser launch tool, and whatever else you want.
  • TkMan 1.7 - a hypertext manual page browser (Tom Phelps)
  • Tooltips - Tooltips made easy for Motif, Lesstif & Xaw
  • Treeps - X/Motif based Unix process monitor
  • VGP - Solid Manipulation
  • ViewKlass - C++ Framework - a clone of SGI's ViewKit.  
  • viewmol - Graphical front end for molecular modelling programmes
  • vxe - powerful Motif based GUI editor for C/C++ developer.
  • WM_MOTIF Lite - MS Windows API user interface functions on Motif
  • wscrawl - Multi-display paint package
  • XAnalyser - Frequence spectrum analyser
  • XASTIR - X Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting
  • XCursor - Simple app to change your cursor to one of the X standard 'cursor' font characters
  • xdefmap - a solution for color problems on pseudocolor X servers
  • xdiff - X11/Motif based file comparator and merge tool
  • XEmacs - powerful, extensible text editor with full GUI support, initially based on an early version of GNU Emacs 19 from the Free Software Foundation
  • xephem - Astronomy program for X/Motif
  • xgetftp - Browsing and file retrieval tool for ftp
  • Xinvest - A free X/Motif personal finance tracking tool
  • XKeyCaps - a GUI front-end to xmodmap
  • xlupe - Desktop magnifier (like xmag)
  • xmad - Data acquisition program (works with xmana)
  • XmAddressBook - Address book application
  • xmana - xmana Graphical interactive data analysis program
  • xmastm - Good old mastermind game
  • xmbase-grok - Simple X/Motif database manager and user interface builder
  • XmBibTeX - Reference manager based on the BibTeX file format
  • XmCalendar - Simple calendar
  • xmcpustate - Motif version of xcpustate
  • XmDiary - Diary application
  • Xmdipmon - Motif tool for monitoring a dial-up connection
  • Xmmix - A premium audio mixer utility
  • XMPI - A Run/Debug GUI for MPI
  • xmstat - Statistics program
  • xmtoolbar - launches applications. Download the source
  • Xnbc - Biological neural network simulation tool
  • XNotesPlus - A mechanism for manipulating on-screen sticky notes
  • XnView - software to view and convert graphics files
  • xpdf - a PDF viewer for X
  • Xplore - A powerful and highly configurable Motif file manager
  • xppp - A Motif graphical interface to your IP connection
  • xps - displays in an X Window the Unix processes as a tree
  • xqs - X Query Server: Retrieves information about an X display server
  • Xquote - A free X/Motif WWW quote retrieval tool
  • xrolodex - simple rolodex for X, by Jerry Smith (*.tar.Z file)
  • XSCM README and web page - set of X bindings, including Motif, for Scheme (a specialized computer language)
  • xtar and wwwtar (UK) or xtar and wwwtar (USA) - allows you to browse through tar archives (optionally compressed) and view and extract individual files or directories
  • xtel - A Minitel emulator
  • xv (interactive image display, conversion, and editing)
  • xyahtzee - Motif implementation of the Yahtzee dice game
  • xyplot - Plotting and data analysis program
  • yrolo - A rolodex like program in motif


Sponsored by X-Designer - The Leading X/Motif GUI Builder - Click to download a FREE evaluation


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