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How do I make my XmApplicationShell disappear?

11-Dec-01 15:00 GMT
How do I make my XmApplicationShell disappear? XtPopdown appears to have no effect.

This kind of functionality is often required when an application GUI needs to be visible initially and then slip into the background until some other event occurs that requires user interaction.

This behavior can be achieved using the XWithdrawWindow function the syntax for which is:

    XWithdrawWindow(display, w, screen_number)
    Display *display;
    Window w;
    int screen_number;
The values for the display, window and screen number arguments can be obtained using the XtDisplay, XtWindow and XscreenNumberOfScreen functions respectively. Syntax is as follows:
    Display *XtDisplay(w)
    Widget w;

    Window XtWindow(w)
    Widget w;

    int XScreenNumberOfScreen(screen)
    Screen *screen;

Assuming your ApplicationShell widget is named "MyAppShell" example code to hide the window is as follows:

     XWithdrawWindow ( XtDisplay (MyAppShell), XtWindow (MyAppShell),
		       XScreenNumberOfScreen(XtScreen(MyAppShell)) );

Obviously once you've withdrawn the window you are going to want to bring it back again at some point:

     XMapWindow ( XtDisplay (MyAppShell), XtWindow ( MyAppShell ));


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