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November 18, 2002

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Who is Antony and what can/will he answer?

4-Dec-00 12:00 GMT

Antony Fountain is the author of the latest edition of the Motif Reference Manual, Volume 6B in the O'Reilly X Window System Guides series and is a Principal Software Engineer with IST Limited where he is the technical lead involved in the development of X-Designer, IST's Motif GUI builder.

For many years he has been providing Motif developers who use X-Designer with the information they need to get into the basics and the finer points of X/Motif programming. This service is now being extended to a wider audience and he will accept questions on any aspect of X and Motif.

Over the coming months, a library of reference pages, tips and tricks, and so forth will be presented, which hopefully will build into a valuable on-line resource. Each week, an important topic will be presented and discussed in detail, covering aspects of the theme in as much detail as time and space permit.

Presented first will be features which are new in Motif 2.1, since these tend to be less well known or formally documented, and there is less practical experience available to call on, and the information available on the newsgroups is at present scanty. The first theme is Render Tables:

  • what they are
  • what they offer the application programmer
  • how you program them.
This also includes a discussion on Compound Strings, in particular with respect to the changes made to them in order to work with render tables. It also discusses Tab lists, which are also intimately bound up with the render table system.

In the coming weeks, papers on the following subjects will be presented:

  • The Motif 2.1 widgets:
    • The Container and IconGadget widgets
    • The ComboBox
    • The SpinBox and SimpleSpinBox widgets
    • The Notebook widget
  • The Uniform Transfer Model

Each will be presented with code examples where appropriate. A full functional specification and description of the utilities required to manipulate these will also be provided in each case.

This is by no means a hard and fast schedule, but merely an initial offering and proposal. If there are topics which you would like to see covered, all suggestions are gratefully received. Feel free to contact Antony using the Submit a Question form.


Sponsored by X-Designer - The Leading X/Motif GUI Builder - Click to download a FREE evaluation


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