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I am having trouble with OpenMotif Motif 2.2 on Solaris and Linux - can you help?

8-Mar-02 13:00 GMT

I'm having problems with building Open Motif 2.2 on Solaris and Linux. Can you help?

Initial Comments

The first issue is that Open Motif is only licensed for free use on the free operating systems (e.g. Linux, FreeBSD), so that it is a breach of the Open Group's license to use this on Sun (and HP, IBM, SGI, ...).

A Review of OpenMotif 2.2

You are not alone in having trouble. I have received a large number of questions concerning this toolkit version, mostly from people having difficulties of one kind or another. As a result, a full technical review of the toolkit has been conducted, and the findings published in the PDF file An Analysis of OpenMotif 2.2.

In summary, OpenMotif 2.2 is not product quality, and is a hurried attempt to incorporate some legacy and proprietary Motif 1.x widgets into the Motif 2.1 toolkit, without upgrading to the new model. This causes a large number of problems, sufficiently serious as to break the toolkit in a number of ways. Since the proposed new components simply replicate functionality already present in the standard Motif 2.1.30 toolkit, and since the entire set of additions is completely thread-unsafe, there is regrettably no gain but pain.

Sadly, we recommend that you do not use this version of the Motif toolkit. The technical flaws mean that it cannot and must not be used for any kind of enterprise- or mission-critical application base.

Official Status

After technical consideration, OpenGroup have significantly downgraded the status of this toolkit release. The official statement from IST reads:

The Open Group has indicated to IST that there are a number of technical issues surrounding Open Motif 2.2 that will cause it to re-classify this release as 'experimental'. In particular, it has been pointed out that this release was only ever an OPEN Motif release which means that its license for use was only ever valid on Linux and FreeBSD, and on no other operating system. Open Motif 2.1.30 remains the current supported release.


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