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How can I make any dialog fullscreen, without any window manager
decorations and on top of all other applications?

8-Dec-00 12:00 GMT

This is supplementary to the question How can I make a drawing area occupy the full screen size?


The solution to this is straightforward. To start with, you need to deduce the size of the physical screen. This can be done simply enough: the Screen object has a width amd height element to the structure.

We can get at the Screen object using XtScreen() from an arbitrary widget as follows:

	Screen *screen = XtScreen(some_widget);

To make our dialog occupy the entire area, we set the width and height of the top level manager under the shell to the data found in the screen object:

	XtVaSetValues (top_manager,
		       XmNwidth, screen->width,
		       XmNheight, screen->height,

The next problem is to get rid of window manager interaction. This can be done at a stroke: we set the XmNoverrideRedirect resource of the top level shell to TRUE: this should be performed before the shell is realized:

	XtVaSetValues (top_shell, XmNoverrideRedirect, TRUE, NULL);

Lastly, after we have called XtRealize() on our top level shell, we make sure the window is on top using XRaiseWindow():

	XRaiseWindow (XtDisplay(top_shell), XtWindow(top_shell));


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