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November 18, 2002

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Are the Motif Programming and Reference Manuals online?

11-Jan-02 16:00 GMT

After a mighty struggle, Volumes 6A and 6B of the O'Reilly series are now available for direct download in various formats and contents, from IST's and O'Reilly's web sites.

Volume 6A is the Motif Programming Manual.
Volume 6B is the Motif Reference Manual.

The versions that can be downloaded from IST's web site are later versions than those made available by O'Reilly themselves. In particular, Volume 6A from IST is for Motif 2.1, whereas from O'Reilly it is for Motif 1.2.

With Jeremy Huxtable's able assistance I have completely overhauled Volume 6A, Motif Programming Manual, for Motif 2.1. This online edition is the first publication of the Third Edition, dated December 2001, and is the authoritative 'how-to' work on Motif 2.1. A printed edition will be available from IST in due course.

Volume 6B, Motif Reference Manual, is also available in updated form online. This is the Second Edition of 6B, dated February 2000, for Motif 2.1, as revised and updated by me. The online edition has been augmented with a number of patches and the sections on UIL have been re-instated since the last paper publication of the volume.

The versions available from IST are available as both PDF files and source files for UNIX FrameMaker 5.5. Those available from O'Reilly are in troff format, and exactly match the last paper publications.

The full set of O'Reilly Motif reference materials have now been completely refreshed for Motif 2.1. In addition Volume 6A, the Motif Programming Manual, is enhanced with Jeremy's unique insights into the deployment of Motif and user interface techniques in general.

Hence for those of you wondering why the promised 'Ask Antony' pages on the Notebook, Container, and so forth, were slow in coming, and in why there are relatively large gaps between the posting of technical replies to the site, the answer is here: I've been tied up preparing these books. This does not mean to say that your questions have not been considered and answered during this period - I have answered where I can - just that the writing up of the interesting topics has taken a back seat to the preparation of these manuals. I hope you feel, as I do, that this was a worthy diversion of effort.

Many, many thanks to all at O'Reilly for releasing these materials. A special thanks to Paula Ferguson: none of this would be here without you.

Many thanks also to all at IST for their patience and input!

All comments gratefully received: any bugs, patches, or suggested enhancements to these manuals or example sources, feel free to email me at

Antony Fountain


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