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Why do popup menus not work when
running on Solaris and displaying on Linux?

29-Jan-02 18:00 GMT

Question: in an application running on Solaris, but displaying on Linux, popup menus fail to display when the mouse is pressed. Why is this ?

The Cause

The problem is related to the XmNwhichButton resource. For unknown reasons, this defaults to Button5 when displaying onto the Linux platform, whereas it ought to be set to Button3.

The result is that the _XmMatchBtnEvent() routine, used to compare the post button recorded in the RowColumn widget instance record with the Button found in the incoming X event, marks the menu popup state as invalid. This prevents the menu from posting.

The Solution

You should set the XmNwhichButton default back to Button3 in these circumstances. Either explicitly place a resource into your X application defaults file:

	*.whichButton: 3

Or pass the default by command-line argument:

	myApplication -xrm "*.whichButton: 3"

There are alternatives to this: the resource could be set as a fallback inside the application, thereby safeguarding against missing resources or faulty command-line arguments.


I have verified the problem, and the solution, against Redhat Linux 7.1, running from both Solaris 2.7 and 8. I have also verified the problem against Solaris 2.6, which indicates that the issue is not Motif 2.1 specific. Displaying onto Linux 6.2 seems not to exhibit the problem. This does not mean to say that the problem does not persist in other combinations - this remains unverified.

Looking at the OSF Motif distibutions, there is nothing in any of 1.2.4, 1.2.5, 2.1.10 or 2.1.30 to indicate that the problem lies in these sources: these strictly apply a default of Button1 or Button3, depending on the menu type.

Since running an application under HP-UX 11.0 running Motif 2.1 and displaying onto the Linux 7.1 does not exhibit the problem, we can deduce that the issue is specific to Sun CDE Motif.


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