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How can I configure my XmToggleButton to resemble a PushButton widget that appears to push in and out to represent on and off settings?

11-Jul-02 09:00 GMT
This can be very easily achieved by setting a few resources on the XmToggleButton widget. The resources and the required settings are as follows:
XmNshadowThickness should be set to 2
This draws a border around the button

XmNmarginLeft should be set to 0
This removes the space which was occupied by the indicator

XmNindicatorOn should be set to XmINDICATOR_NONE
This suppresses the small square indicator
A code example to set these resources on an XmToggleButton called "toggle1" might read as follows:
XtVaSetValues ( toggle1, XmNshadowThickness, 2,
			 XmNmarginLeft, 0,
			 XmNindicatorOn, XmINDICATOR_NONE,
			 NULL );


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