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November 18, 2002

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Eazel eases into the sunset

16-May-01 17:00 GMT
Updated 25-Jun-01 14:00 GMT
EAZEL, once the shining hope for establishing Linux on the desktop with its graphical interface and server-based network environment, has announced it is shutting down after less than a year and a half of operation.

In a note to Gnome developers late on Tuesday May 15, Eazel co-founder Bart Decrem confirmed recent rumors, saying the company was closing its doors because it had failed to secure further funding.

For the full story:

Eazel was the Mt View based company that built a desktop environment (free) on top of GNOME, the free desktop environment for Linux. It was founded and funded by one of the Mac gurus.

Funny thing, free software. Doesn't make money.

This is more confirmation that Motif is in with a real chance on Linux, simply because the only real applications are written with it.


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