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November 18, 2002

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Ken Sall endorses - the new MW3

7-Dec-00 17:00 GMT
"I'm very glad that IST Limited suggested resurrecting and revitalizing the Motif on the World Wide Web site. MW3 was my first technical web site (1995-97) and has therefore always been special to me. At its peak, it had a mailing list of 3,282 Motif developers and a very high hit rate. Sadly, my company shifted away from Motif development in 1997 and it was no longer practical for us to maintain the site. When IST approached me, they respected all of my wishes and revamped the pages in record time. I trust that with IST's backing and efforts, the Motif community will benefit once again from MW3, the Second Edition!

Good luck to all my former Motif friends!

PS - For any of you with colleagues doing XML development, please ask them to visit my XML area on Web Developer's Virtual Library at "

Ken Sall


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